Romania and the International Relationship at the Beginning the Two World Conflagration


  • Stefan Gheorghe Danubius University of Galati


Second World War; Hitlerite Germany; control of the Third Reich


Obviously, in terms of Romania’s participation in World War II, from a historiographic point of
view, the situation would allow a certain thoroughness of studying the respective period, turning often to
gradations of the interpretation given to the historical events. (?u?a, 1982; Anescu, Bantea, & Cup?a, 1966;
Militara & Militara, 1989) Throughout the war, the main opponents of Nazi Germany, the Big Three, would
clearly state their position on the political future of Germany, and especially on the territories entered in
one way or another under the trusteeship or control of the Third Reich, addressing the need for redeeming
their freedom and independence. For the Central and East European countries, the removal of the German
military occupation would in most cases coincide with the establishment of Soviet control, the immediate
consequences being the communization of the Central and South Eastern Europe. When analyzing more
closely the twentieth century, we can see that the paradox of contemporary history is constituted by the
causes, deployment and consequences of the Second World War. Initially triggered by Hitlerite Germany
on September 1st, 1939, in order to create and strengthen the vital space so necessary to the “Aryan race”,
it had great implications and echoes from the start, all over the world, so that the West’s media and public
opinion ultimately determined the Western democracies to intervene to prevent Nazi domination in Europe.

Author Biography

Stefan Gheorghe, Danubius University of Galati

Senior Lecturer, PhD


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