Challenges for Prevention of Falls in Older Age


  • Lacramioara Mocanu Danubius University of Galati


older age; prevention; polypharmacy


The background papers that underlie this report refer to a considerable body of evidence indicating
the effectiveness of a number of interventions for falls prevention. These include strength and balance
training, environmental modification and medical care aimed at removing or reducing specific risk factors by
for example review of medications and reduction of polypharmacy. Falls prevention advice is often perceived
as being for other ‘disabled or elderly people’. Programmes that are perceived to impact negatively on selfimage
are likely to be unattractive while those, which are viewed as improving skills or characteristics valued
by older people, are likely to be more popular. In interviews older people say that they would participate in
falls-prevention initiatives to be proactive in managing their own health needs, maintain independence and
improve confidence.

Author Biography

Lacramioara Mocanu, Danubius University of Galati

Associate Professor, PhD, Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Specialization Psychology


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