Public Relations and Business Marketing


  • Catalina Voicu Danubius University


Public Relations in an organization has the role of creating and maintaining relationships with all stakeholders by initiating dialogue, as an honest and permanent source of information with the aim of gaining their trust. Public relations are oriented towards creating the image of the organization and increasing its notoriety by gaining the trust of stakeholders. The public relations practitioner serves as an intermediary between the organization and the entire public of that organization and as a result has responsibilities both towards the institution and towards its various audiences. In the current socio-economic context, it is obvious that the funds allocated for promotion have been reduced and a natural consequence of this phenomenon is the increased attention paid to public relations. Public relations along with marketing can make the difference between profitability and failure for a company. This paper aims to analyze public relations strategies from the perspective of understanding the stages that are the basis of promotion and information campaigns and how the proposed objectives can be achieved efficiently.