Workforce Sustainability And Leadership – A New Technology Industry Model Assessment


  • Ioana Gutu Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
  • Florentin - Emil Tanasa Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi


Asessed as a globalization primary result, (workforce) sustainability proved to be a difficult goal to be achieved by organizationas across the world, thus rising the question in regard to the role of leadership and employees creativity within the process. The current manuscript proposes the asessment of a new workforce sustainability model, designed to lock in the workforce sustainability advancements specific to the technology industry, in both theory and practice. By following a qualitative asessment, the quantitative approach iterates a 26 item survey used to collect data from 174 representatives of the managerial pyramid.  Results prove that the eight workforce sustainability proposed latent variables are strongly connected to both leadership and workforce creativity. The proposed asessment tool in regard to workforce sustaianbility of the technology industry proves to have utmost importance, ever since the redesigh of the technology advancements allow the perfect sincon of global workforce to be subject to no border leadership and creativity tools and practices. Contributions to literature counts one of the first attempts to design and asess the results of a technology workforce sustainability model and individually correlate the eight latent variables to two of the most valued elements of the international technology industyry: leadership and creativity.