Health Education – A Major Challenge for the University of the XXI Century


  • Adrian Beteringhe Danubius University


In the tertiary education system, the "new educations" hardly find their place. There are scientific and/or methodological reasons that explain this reality. In the context of the multiplication of crises of various kinds, including those of public health, as well as in the process of rethinking the role (scientific and technical, social, cultural) and the place of universities in the current century, a major challenge arises before the specialists: how does the university of the century contribute 21st in the health education of students, masters or doctoral students in such a way that they, once they become performers in their fields of competence, can become vectors of social and individual health. The current study aims, through the case study, to find out the opinion of young scholars in relation to the need for health education at the level of universities of our time.