Blockchain Applications in the Maritime Sector: A Conceptual Framework


  • Alisa Mihaela Ambrozie Academy of Economic Studies
  • Ionel Sergiu Pirju Danubius University
  • Nicolae Florin Prunau Danubius University


The maritime sector can regain its competitiveness by adopting blockchain technology in itssystems. Companies operating in this sector are increasingly interested in utilizing blockchain technologyto stay ahead of the competition. Nevertheless, the use of blockchain technology in the maritime supplychain is still significantly underdeveloped, creating an unexplored critical area. Blockchain technologyoffers an innovative platform that provides transparency and facilitates innovative transactions in themaritime industry, while enabling tracking of goods and data. The aim of this study is to offer acomprehensive outlook on the implementation of blockchain technology in the maritime sector bydeveloping a new conceptual framework that can guide future research. The study also proposesrecommendations for various stakeholders in the maritime sector to leverage the emerging opportunitiesand mitigate associated risks offered by blockchain technology.