The Image of the Tourist Destination in Romania and the Way Towards an Authentic Country Brand


  • Anca Turtureanu Danubius University
  • Carmen Mihaela Cretu Danubius University
  • Emanuel Marinescu Danubius University
  • Carmen Gabriela Sirbu Danubius University


This article explores the image of Romania as a tourist destination and the path towards creating an authentic national brand. Romania has a rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and a growing tourism industry, but it faces challenges in building a coherent and compelling image for potential visitors. To understand the current image of Romania, the article reviews existing research on perceptions of the country and its tourism offerings. While some visitors are drawn to the country's natural beauty and cultural attractions, others have negative perceptions of Romania as a destination due to issues such as corruption, poverty, and infrastructure challenges. The article argues that developing a strong national brand is essential for addressing these challenges and attracting more visitors to Romania. A successful brand will communicate a clear and compelling message about what makes Romania unique and worth visiting, while also addressing any negative perceptions or concerns potential visitors may have. The article proposes several strategies for building a strong national brand, including identifying and promoting unique cultural and natural assets, engaging with stakeholders and visitors to understand their perceptions and needs, and developing a cohesive marketing strategy that communicates a clear message to potential visitors. Overall, the article argues that creating an authentic national brand for Romania is essential for promoting the country as a compelling and worthwhile destination for tourism. By developing a strong brand, Romania can overcome negative perceptions and attract more visitors, while also preserving and promoting its rich cultural and natural heritage.