Current Trends in International Tourism in the Post-Pandemic Period


  • Anca Turtureanu Danubius University
  • Carmen Mihaela Cretu Danubius University
  • Emanuel Marinescu Danubius University
  • Carmen Gabriela Sirbu Danubius University


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the international tourism industry, leading to the closure of borders and travel restrictions worldwide. As the world gradually emerges from the pandemic, the tourism industry is experiencing a significant shift in trends and consumer behavior. This article examines the current trends in international tourism during the post-pandemic period. The article begins by reviewing the impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry, highlighting the decline in tourist arrivals and revenue loss. The article then discusses the changing travel behavior of consumers, including an increased focus on health and safety measures and a preference for sustainable tourism. The article also explores the emergence of new trends in the tourism industry, including the rise of domestic tourism, the growth of remote work and travel, and the use of technology in tourism. The article concludes by highlighting the need for tourism businesses and policymakers to adapt to these new trends and develop innovative strategies to attract tourists in the post-pandemic period. Overall, this article provides valuable insights into the current trends in international tourism and offers practical recommendations for tourism businesses and policymakers to navigate the post-pandemic period successfully.