Performance of Multinational Companies, Through the Prism of Social and Environmental Accounting


  • Cornelia Maria Nitu „Valahia” University of Targoviste


For all companies, regardless of the field in which they operate, performance is an objective of the investors and an obligation of their management, an attitude which in principle is or should be found in national or state companies, regardless of their size. According to the bibliographic analysis, the evolution of opinions regarding performance were not always convergent, its definition being done both at a general level, but especially through particularized expressions, which, over time, focused on two currents of thought, one characterizing the economic system of companies using specific quantitative indicators and another based on a behavioral perspective oriented towards the quantitative-qualitative side. Since the reality of our days is dominated by the supremacy of multinational companies that imprint the meaning of the world economy, it is implicitly necessary to adopt and adapt a multidimensional vision on performance, which takes into account the interdependencies:

- internal, which manifests itself between subsidiaries, between them and the parent company, between subsidiaries and the company and the employed staff;

- external, which manifests itself between different multinational companies and between their subsidiaries in all economic aspects, quantitatively and qualitatively;

-external, between multinational companies (including their subsidiaries), and the community

If 15-20 years ago, performance also covered the evolution of a simple social trend, over time it turned into an everyday reality, the change being due to multinational companies, which through their migrationist and offensive attitude induced and materialized on a conceptual and practical level the performance of social responsibility activities. Through the prism of this plurivalent vision, a new concept of performance has resulted, namely global performance, with synergistic effect in several directions, namely sustainable economic, social and societal and environmental, ecological, combining financial performance with social and environmental performance.