An Investigation on the Use of Online Financial Services


  • Alina Nuta
  • Cristina Zamfir
  • Calin Rangu


Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly evident and necessary to use the Internet in various actions, and the young generations integrate the new technologies more and more intensively. The coronavirus pandemic boosted the openness of citizens' behavior to use online services in all areas. The financial sector (especially the banking sector) had to react to this impulse and adapt its approach to satisfying the needs of its clients, diversifying its activity. Completing the services offered at the bank's branch through online services was necessary. Considering the digital transition process, it will remain a necessary option for developing the capacity of banking systems worldwide (Nuta et al., 2023; Nuta & Nuta, 2020; Nuta, & Nuta, 2012; Nuta, 2008; Nuta, Chirila, Roman & Pusca, 2015; Nuta & Nuta, 2014a; Nuta, 2014b; Nuta, 2011a; Nuta, 2011b.; Nuta & Nuta 2012; Hatmanu, Lobont, Albu & Moldovan, 2014; Lobont, Moldovan, Bociu & Chis, 2018; Moldovan, Hatmanu & Lobont, 2014; Vatavu, Dogaru, Moldovan & Lobont, 2022). The intensity of the change in user behavior thus became the central element of our analysis.


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