Peculiarities of the Personality of Teenagers Raised in Single-Parent Families. Studies and Research


  • Doinita Popa


personality; adolescence; single parent family; parental model


The paper presents a series of research on the personality of adolescents raised in single-parent families focused on various aspects of emotional, social, and academic development. While there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for all teens, some studies suggest that they may experience specific challenges compared to teens raised in two-parent families. It is important to note that research results may vary and that factors such as financial resources, parents' education level, emotional stability, and family support network can significantly influence the experience of adolescents in a single-parent family.

Although research highlights the challenges associated with growing up in a single-parent family, it is essential to remember that not all teenagers will experience the same problems. Each adolescent is unique and will be influenced by various factors, including individual temperament, level of parent and community support, and family financial and emotional resources.

Author Biography

Doinita Popa

Associate professor Phd








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