Sustainability and Innovation at Tirana Universities: Students Perceptions on Sustainable Development in Higher Education in Albania


  • Ada Bici University of Tirana
  • Mimoza Kasimati University of Tirana


Environmental sustainability (ES) in higher education; sustainable development goals; perception and action of students towards Sustainable Development Goals; higher education operations and programs towards sustainability; innovative approach to sustainability in Tirana


Economic, social and environmental sustainability (ES) are today important variables to various fields of economy. Higher education institutions play an important role in addressing sustainable development goals. Governments have raised their attention and awareness related to better usage of natural resources, greener economy, recycling and circular usage of products. In line with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, Environmental Sustainability is a matter of high concern globally. The paper aims to analyze Sustainable Development Goals in action at universities in Albania.

Author Biographies

Ada Bici, University of Tirana

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Economics, Department of Management

Mimoza Kasimati, University of Tirana

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Department of Management








Green Economy and Sustainable Development