Cyber Attacks in the Context of Russian-Ukrainian War


  • Luca Iamandi Danubius University of Galati
  • Ionel Vladimir Virgolici Ministry of Finance
  • Alina Melania Ionita Ministry of Finance
  • Alexandru Draganescu Regional Transport Police Department


Cyber-attacks; Information; War; Security; Ransomware


Geopolitics studies are becoming more and more important in the current context, because the conditions that influence the evolution of a state are determined by its relations with the states around or in the region, as well as the area of economic, political, cultural, ethno-confessional and military relations- strategic. From this point of view, in the past, there were some archaic ideas that became the subject of various schools of political, geographical and humanistic research, as well as modern investigations of geopolitics, geostrategy and geointelligence. Moreover, it is important to identify how the inherent risks of hybrid warfare can be combated, including knowledge and understanding of the notions and concepts that underlie it, as well as the institutions capable of countering it and ensuring security. The use of information technology has become essential for the proper functioning of society. Despite all the risks involved, the world continues to make use of computer systems, thus triggering an increase in cybercrime, which has become an important piece of the criminal puzzle. In response, states are encouraged to take steps to modernize the legal framework necessary to sanction people who use computer systems to commit illegal acts. It is also important that people engaged in the fight against cybercrime receive the appropriate education.








Legal Sciences in the New Millennium