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We are overwhelmed by information about climate change, the most publicized being the disasters caused by various extreme phenomena. In addition, the twin transition (digital and green) represents one of the main topics at the level of European institutions. But, are we ready to genuine reconfigure our society? The current work aims to bring to the forefront the role of education in this process of transforming our society and proposes some transformation solutions to higher education institutions (HEIs) to be included in “green university” category. Benchmarking HEIs’ development strategies with those of the top 10 green universities in the world, can be the starting point for designing new regulatory frameworks and directing fund flows towards sustainable design policies. Working together towards a common goal – a greener and safer society, will pave the path for us to follow locally, nationally and internationally. A key challenge of this article is to draw attention to the importance and urgency of climate change mitigation, and another challenge is to raise the awareness of leading policy makers and civil society, as drivers and triggers of transformation, about the role of education and the high level of support needed in reconfiguration and greening of the entire educational framework.

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Gabriela Marchis, Danubius University of Galati








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