Role of Tourism in a Green Economy


  • Anisa Feshti University of Tirana


environmental issues; green tourism; economic growth


Recently, industrialization without considering environmental issues has led to the climate change crisis in the world. In this regard, green economic growth is essential for the future and life of next generation and in the long term, it will lead to sustainable development. One of the sectors that contributes to green economy is Tourism sector. The development of the path of "green tourism" to minimize impact on the environment, will create environmentally friendly leisure options, making responsible travel, saving money, making choices on energy-saving technologies with low impact on the environment. In this regard, it is of great importance to clarify that the relationship between tourism and green growth is conducive to promote the harmonious coexistence of tourism industry benefits and economic and environmental systems. The purpose of this paper is to explore the impacts of tourism on green economic growth through a descriptive analysis, as well as the advantages of "Green Economy” in tourism. One of the most important results achieved is that the transfer to a "green" economy would not only improve the environmental situation, but also will create a favorable image for tourism and increase the number of tourists, the employment potential and encourage socioeconomic growth.








Green Economy and Sustainable Development