The Reform of the Romanian Police Forces between Necessity and Possibility


  • Tutu Pisleag Danubius University of Galati


reform; police; gendarmerie; government authorities; Public Service; Public Order


Police Forces today face new challenges requiring the requirement to redefine (review) procedures
to identify the most effective responses. All these years, the theme of police reform in Romania has been a
constant one. Under these conditions we must consider the particular factors in which these forces were
established and evolved over time. The purpose of this article concerns the basic aspects from the legislative
perspective of the organization and functioning of the public order forces in Romania and the arguments for
which the gendarmerie forces must be rethought as police forces in the field of Public Order, and by reference
to the most important moments in the evolution of this institution. The Romanian Gendarmerie was founded
on the French model, but the developments were interrupted by historical events that fundamentally changed
its role and duties.

Author Biography

Tutu Pisleag, Danubius University of Galati

Professor, PhD


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