Studying the Factors Related to Teachers` Work Engagement in Albanian Lower Secondary Schools


  • Enida Kume 'Aleksander Moisiu" University, Durres


The quantitative assessment of work engagement, the identification of determining factors and their ranking according to the effect on work engagement among teachers of lower secondary schools in Albania are the aims of this study. Information gathered from interviewing a sample of 198 randomly selected teachers was used for this study. Work engagement of teachers is assessed at the "moderate" level (3.5 scores). Dedication is the most important component causes greater effects on work engagement (3.8 scores). Absorption ranks second (3.7 scores). Factors related to energy at work have the smallest effect (3.2 scores). Gender and marital status of the teacher affect the level of commitment to work (p<0.05). It is estimated that commitment to work reaches the highest level among teachers aged 31-40 years old and teachers who have 5-10 years of work experience. The study does not identify differences in the commitment to work of teachers who work in the city and their colleagues who work in rural areas. Teachers in public schools are more engaged than their colleagues in private schools (p<0.05).






Higher Education Issues, Policy, and Management