Some Theoretical-Practical Considerations regarding Land Estate in the Republic of Moldova


  • Tatiana Stahi State Agrarian University of Moldova
  • Mariana Robea Danubius University of Galati


patrimony; land patrimony; property; private property; public property


This article examines patrimony and especially land estate in the Republic of Moldova. Our approach is important because the issues of patrimony and property, of forms of property, have been the subject of heated contradictory discussions for centuries. These controversies were and are substantiated, even more, they continue to be fueled by a complex of economic, philosophical-religious ideas, theories and conceptions.

The domain issue in general and land in particular, which in our opinion is part of the domain of the institution of patrimony and the institution of property, is part of the category of topics that have sparked fierce discussions and controversies among public law theorists, starting from the century. XIX

Author Biographies

Tatiana Stahi, State Agrarian University of Moldova

Associate Professor, PhD, Faculty of Cadastre and Law, Law Department

Mariana Robea, Danubius University of Galati

Assistant Professor, PhD, Faculty of Law








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