Opinions on Resilience to Biological Crises


  • Bogdan Vasile
  • Viorel Catalin Mihalcea Universitatea Nationala de Aparare Carol I


resilience; biological crisis; biological agent; strain; capabilities


Resilience to crises has always been a fundamental option of the world. The biological crisis is an easy type of crisis, cheap to institute globally or in specific targeted areas. It can have consequences that are hard to predict and impossible to counter. The protection of numerous social groups in relation to the presumption of biological attacks is a thorny issue, nationally and internationally. The insurmountable difficulty consists in the impossibility of protecting or isolating the entire population, simultaneously with the development of normal life and natural economic activity. Obviously, the defensive biological capabilities of the states should be of an enormous level, compared to the reduced but effective dimensioning of the offensive biological capabilities. Biological events in recent history, such as the COVID 19 pandemic, have highlighted just a few of the major aspects of biological challenge.








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