Technological Crises Management And Resilience


  • Liviu-Mihail Marinescu Danubius University
  • Viorel-Catalin Mihalcea "Carol I" National Defense University from Bucharest


Technological crises are ordinary presences in the general context of the human society’s development. Their forms of manifestations may be different, ranging from various accidents to destructions of works of art, crashing of travel platforms or facilities, dismantling of various sizes. The efforts directions regarding the crisis management will be aimed at protecting the personnel affected, the target groups in the proximity and the related environment, at the same time with reducing the direct effects generated and the negative consequences that came up. As a general rule, the crisis management is short lasting, and the consequences’ management is long lasting. The intervention structures established, immediate and subsequent, will be composed as such according to the type of crisis. The unitary command/control will be provided in synergy at the central level, with a large autonomy for the factors in charge, deployed in the crisis hotbeds. In certain situations, the teams of personnel with certain capabilities will be provided as structures.