Decisive Procedures Used In Domestic Crises Management During Hybrid War


  • Emanuel-Stefan Marinescu
  • Viorel-Catalin Mihalcea National Defence University “Carol I”


The decisive procedures are ways to engage and to reduce or to annihilate the center of gravity specific for domestic crises, methods that are activated after the use of some preliminary procedures. As it is knowing, as a general rule, preliminary procedures set the necessary framework for subsequent interventions which may finish the management approach of the situation that came up. Decisive procedures include dynamic actions multiply focused on reducing the potential to affect specifically the various hotbeds appeared on the national territory. The success of the efforts undertaken in the management of the operative situations emerged depends on the rapidity of the intervention, the quality of the allotted structures, the procedures used and the efforts’ synergy. It is important that the management effort of the situations emerged to make use of procedures defined by high efficiency, carried out by professional structures which benefit from an extended inter-agency collaboration. The Hybrid War is the worst possibility for these days.