Extending VLC Safety applications using mixed technologies and microservices


  • Lucian Mihai Cosovanu Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava


traffic safety, information services, microservices, visible light communication, mobile communication


The World Health Organization and the European Commission in 2018 announced the initiative to support the implementation of actions to reduce the number of accidents by 50% by year 2030. This initiative is an indicator of the recognition of the major impact of road accidents in the society. This desire in relation to the ever-increasing number of vehicles is a major challenge for the society. Of the 22 actions envisaged, only one is aimed at implementing new technologies, but this is at the request of car manufacturers to intelligently adapt the speed and help drivers to meet speed limits. Since these measures may be insufficient, according to the annual reports to reach the proposed target, we come up with new research that changes the driving style, from one prone to the immediate ability to respond to anything intervening on the road, to one informed with multiple communication systems, optical using visible light and radio using mobile communications to increase road safety. Using all vehicle entries in traffic every second in a database we are able to send alerts to all road users may concern that alert, giving them more time to make a decision, especially with the purpose of reducing their speed ahead.






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