Desertion, Fear of War or Cowardice


  • Florin-Doru Gafton Danubius University
  • Alexandru-Adrian Eni Danubius University


war; criminal; military; conditions


Since ancient times, mankind has been confronted with this political phenomenon called war. In an
etymological sense, the word war refers to an armed conflict (of long duration) between two or more states,
nations, human groups, for the realisation of economic and political interests, so it becomes our instinct to
defend ourselves, to neutralise what we consider to be a threat to us. In times of armed conflict, belligerents are
willing to create a state of psychological fear in those they consider enemies by destroying symbols they hold
dear; a church or monument that has been desecrated with explosives, so this is a direct blow to the community
that has grown up around them. It’s not just about the demolition of stone, mortar and glass; it’s also about the
loss of centuries of history, customs and safety assent.






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