Management of Transport and Logistics in Ports Using 5G Technology


  • Cristian Beceanu BEIA Consult International
  • Ana-Maria Tudor BEIA Consult International
  • Dan Trufin BEIA Consult International
  • George Suciu BEIA Consult International
  • Razvan-Alexandru Bratulescu BEIA Consult International


5G; IoT; Transport; Logistics(T&L)


This poster focuses on 5G applications in the Transport and Logistics (T&L) sector. One of the
advantages of these applications is the speed and bandwidth of 5G that allows access to data from both sensors
and various smart devices in factories and warehouses. Meanwhile, data traffic is not increasing. Thus, end
users can obtain more data in real time, data that is from different systems and smart assets in a unit (example:
telematics-enabled lift trucks, drones, conveyor and sortation, camera systems, or motors and pumps compatible
with IoT connectivity). All this is highlighted in the VITAL-5G project, which aims to improve the
effectiveness of the way T&L verticals interact with the 5G network. This is done by providing innovative
platforms and services, which were created to promote these capabilities of the T&L industry and also to have
services not known to their customers. In order to achieve everything that the project has proposed, it is
necessary to realize first of all, a marketing strategy where a market analysis will be done to see what is the
state of the market, then to obtain information, captures market value chain trends and to identify factors and/or
barriers in the T&L 5G ecosystem.






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