Collaboration of Western Balkans Countries, An Essential Element in Promoting Peace and Prosperity in the Balkans Region


  • Mirela Metushaj


Western Balkans, due to its positioning in the geographical area makes it an unsettled region, given
the general view of security, while we can mention the several wars that this region has experienced over the
decades; meanwhile, the risk of wars and conflicts has always been present, use of force and diplomatic pressure
between countries, as well as internal issues of the states have failed to be settled and they still do not have a
correct relationship between them. Basically, in the aftermath of the Cold War and even after 2000s
international political and social climate aimed at promoting inclusive peace through building and consolidating
both the rights and obligations of the states in the international relations, state building, stability, etc. This paper
tries to analyze and describe the environment of internal and external security in which countries of the Western
Balkans are, as well as obstacles that prevent a closer and long-term collaboration between Western Balkans in
advancing towards an organization of great importance for security, such as NATO. The main method
employed in this paper is the observation and the analyzation of such an important tool as the diplomacy
between the WB countries to install peace and security for the population of the WB region.






International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy