Food Blockchain


  • Dan Pauna Danubius University
  • Carmen Sirbu Danubius University
  • Anca Turtureanu Danubius University


The article aims to highlight the main elements that must be taken into account in the case of food traceability,
from producer to final consumer, by using blockchain technology or in other words how this technology borrowed from
the field of cryptocurrencies can revolutionize food chain management Throughout the chain from production, storage,
transport, to the final consumer, the complexity of food management and tracking is difficult to carry out. What makes
blockchain technology stand out, is the solution to consumer confidence in the product they are buying. It is required
that the seller at the end of the chain assume the quality level of the product, for which the buyer pays. In this sense,
there are several international retailers that have developed this technology for their own products, with the aim of
reducing food fraud.






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