Social Enterprises - Viable Solutions for People with Disabilities?


  • Maria Alexandrescu Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University IaSI
  • Mihaela Grasu Psychology and Education Sciences Faculty, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Iasi


Social enterprises are possible solutions for the integration of people with disabilities, one of the most
discriminated social categories in the labor market. Through an in-depth analysis of articles related to this field,
published in scientific journals in the last 5 years, we want to investigate the role of social entrepreneurship in increasing
the employment of people with disabilities. Content analysis has identified key benefits, such as increased living
standards and a lower risk of dependence on social benefits. At the same time, there are disadvantages such as: increased
segregation and isolation or reduced chances of integration into the free labor market. This paper contributes to the
broadening of knowledge about social enterprises that employ people with disabilities, opening new possible directions
of research. Second, the paper highlights practical implications for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor






Performance and Risks in the European Economy