Promotion and Development of Wine Tourism in the Republic of Moldova


  • Rodica Burbulea The State Agrarian University of Moldova
  • Veronica Movileanu The State Agrarian University of Moldova


Tourism is a way of life in the contemporary world that represents an important force for the development,
prosperity and well-being of nations. Over the last two decades, wine tourism has experienced a continuous expansion,
with average annual growth rates of between 5 and 10%, thus becoming a sector of major importance for both the
world's major powers and developing countries. It is important to note that tourism, as a branch of economic
interference, drives and stimulates the production of other economic areas. The research carried out in this paper has
shown that the activity of some fields is largely determined by the needs of tourism and tourists, which are very varied
and constantly changing. Under these conditions, there is a need to adapt the tourism industry to the increasingly diverse
and complex requirements of tourists, causing the state and private economic agents to modernize the technical and
material base and infrastructure, while developing new forms of tourism one of them being wine tourism.






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