Autonomous Means of Transport – Who Carries Civil Liability?


  • Florina Mateescu University of European Studies of Moldova


The study of our topic aims to identify European legislation, with applications in national law, where Romanian norms allow such similarity. Of course, it is interesting to note the extent to which damage is caused by an entity with artificial intelligence and the manner in which it may be held liable from a civil point of view. The basis of this research are the norms in force in Romania and those within the European Union. The method used is mainly the analysis of existing documents in the European Union. What we have in mind is an improvement of the existing legislative framework, but also an interpretation of the rules at the level of the European Union. This paper can be an interesting read for law scholars, from university professors, lawyers, magistrates and other jurists to students, as it presents a current issue that may not be sufficiently developed in contemporary society. The article is not so much an exhaustive work as a compendium that summarizes the laws and situations in practice, with applicability in the matter of civil liability, in case of damage caused by autonomous means of transport.






Legal Sciences in the New Millennium