The Adaptation to Crisis Situations of the Civil Service and Civil Servants in Terms of Ethical and Legal Values Specific to Public Administration


  • Georgeta Modiga Danubius University


The pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been a challenging period for human history. Isolation from peers, adaptation to the online environment, the economic and medical crisis that has occurred are undoubtedly points of reflection for each of us. Understanding such a phenomenon means being aware of a paradigm shift, in Kuhnian terms. Education, administration, medicine, etc. have suffered, and more. Everyone has experienced this crisis on a personal, family or professional level. Active labor market staff had to adapt quickly to the new conditions. The situation is all the more problematic as, at the moment, we cannot know for sure if the peril has really passed, especially in the context of the large influx of Ukrainian refugees who have crossed the border into Romania in large numbers, without any medical restrictions.






Legal Sciences in the New Millennium