Exercise Capacity and Usability of AI Subjects


  • Anca Florina Mateescu University of European Studies of Moldova


robots; legal report; law; civil law


The present research is aiming to demonstrate the conditions under which robots can have civil law reports, whilst focusing on analysing national, as well as european law. The main purpose is highlighting that AI subjects may be conferred with capacity of exercise and utilisation capacity. The “pedestal” on which we propose building this “conceptual caryatid” will be law itself. The adduced demonstration shall imply various methods, like logical, historical, comparative and qualitative (interview). Conclusions of the article will capture the importance of carrying out a legal relationship between human and AI subjects. The present study can also be useful for further development of legislation in this field, for research, as well as for different doctrinal approaches. As a result, our investigation aims coming handy to a large number of practicians and professionals: from early apprentices to the late experts of the field – teachers, lawyers, magistrates, legislators and others. The novelty of the study recalls bringing legislation, which is insufficient at the moment, into line with the reality of this technical fenomenon, that is typical nowadays, and finding a balance between the two “worlds” – that of AI and that of norms.