The New Perspective of IT Project Management


  • Catalina Sitnikov University of Craiova
  • Ionela Staneci (Drinceanu) University of Craiova
  • Silvia Mioara Ilie (Troi) University of Craiova
  • Alina Madalina Belu University of Craiova


management; IT projects; organization; planning, control


Carrying out an IT project is a complex and long-lasting activity, which involves large material, human and time resources. By analogy, the realization of an IT project can be very similar to the achievement of an investment objective. In this sense, it is easy to intuit the parallelism between them. Just as the investment objectives require a plan of realization and follow-up in terms of cost, commissioning terms and quality levels, so is the problem for the realization of an IT project. A project is based on: a set of activities, belonging to phases that interfere with each other (how?); having a common and happy ending (what?); allowing the satisfaction of an identified need or requirement (why?); through the contribution of some participants (who?); coordinated by a manager; for which there is a triple objective: the cost, the term and the quality of the resulting product (how much?, when?). The research study aims first of all to analyze the main problems that may occur in IT projects, and secondly to identify the causes that generate these problems.






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