Real-Time Iris Recognition of Individuals – an Entrepreneurial Approach


  • Catalin Lupu Stefan cel Mare Univ. of Suceava
  • Corneliu-Octavian Turcu Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava


iris, biometric system, individuals recognition, real-time, entrepreneur


Recognition of people by biometric characteristics has a long tradition, especially in the field of forensics. Among the main biometric features used so far can be listed: fingerprint, facial physiognomy, voice, etc. A new biometric feature used lately is the iris. It has many advantages over others, especially in terms of stability over time, being constant throughout life. However, given that it is necessary to take the features from a very small, moving object and from a considerable distance, most current systems have relied only on recognition after the iris only in a "static" and "fixed" way. An actual approach is real-time identification, especially given the increased performance of cameras. Real-time recognition of individuals can be used by entrepreneurs so that, after implementing the proposed methods, they can offer them for use to government institutions or other private partners.


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