Iris Recognition Used for the Implementation of a Green-Passports System Regarding the Vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 Virus for the UE Citizens


  • Catalin Lupu Stefan cel Mare Univ. of Suceava
  • Corneliu-Octavian Turcu Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava


iris, biometric system, vaccination, green passports, UE citizens


The coronavirus pandemic started with some infections in China in December 2019, and in Europe it started very strongly after March 2020. The first countries severely affected were Italy and Spain. Due to the lack of specific treatment for COVID19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, much work has been done to create highly effective vaccines to limit the spread of this disease. After the vaccination started, each country issued a document to each vaccinated person regarding the accomplishment of this. Also, when crossing the state border between certain countries within the European Union and beyond, it is required to present such a document. In order to improve these checks, the appropriateness of using biometric iris recognition technology to replace that document will be explored. Thus, it is proposed that when a person is given a dose of vaccine, this is supposed to be entered into an international database together with the image of the person's iris. When it will be required the proof of vaccination, a check of the person's iris will be performed in the database, and the date and time of administration of the vaccine will be provided. The main problem eliminated in this way will be related to the suspicion of forgery of the document presented in printed format. For people who do not want to record biometric data in an international database, it remains the option to travel only after performing a RT-PCR test.


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