Clinical Case Study of a Surgically Treated Patient for Multiple Brain Abscesses


  • Emre Sarikaya University Ovidius of Constanta
  • Diana Jimbu Ovidius University of Constanta
  • Cristina Geanta County Hospital of Constanta
  • Iulian Catalin Bratu Ovidius University of Constanta
  • Ion Bordeianu Ovidius University of Constanta


Brain abscess ;, progresses, Magnetic resonance imaging


Spreading from contiguous focus of infection can be most common mechanism of brain abscess formation, and the most often sources are middle ear, mastoid cells and paranasal sinuses. Brain abscesses with temporal lobe or cerebellum location are usually specific to otitis focus.Recent studies describe a decrease in a number of cases secondary to otitis media with an increasing of neurosurgery and trauma caused brain abscesses.


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