Aspects Regarding the Organization and Functioning of the Student Entrepreneurial Societies (SES) in Higher Education System from Romania


  • Georgiana-Alexandra Morosanu
  • Virgil Gabriel Teodor Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
  • Nicusor Baroiu Dunarea de Jos University of Galati


entrepreneurship, entrepreneur student, job creators, job seekers


Student Entrepreneurial Societies (SES), as structures without legal personality, created at the level
of higher education institutions in Romania, represent a system of support, development and encouragement
of entrepreneurship in the university environment, in order to organize activities that ensure acquiring and
development of entrepreneurial skills of students and graduates of higher education. By these entities it is
wanted to change the way of thinking of students to look at entrepreneurship as a career option by analyzing
their own qualities as entrepreneurs, stimulating interest in entrepreneurship, in order to transform their
profile of job seekers into job creators by providing the necessary tools to substantiate specific notions in the
field of entrepreneurship, constantly updated to changes in the economic environment.






Contemporary Scientific and Technological Aspects towards an Entrepreneurial App