Romania Land Cessions in 1940 and the Following Period


  • Vasile Bogdan Danubius University of Galati
  • Gabriela-Elena Sirbu “CAROL I” National Defence University
  • Viorel-Catalin Mihalcea “CAROL I” National Defence University


borders, ultimatum, territorial annexations, ultimatum note, ethnic outsiders, maximal river depth, divergences, neighbours, treaty


Every border delimits the national space, determines the formation, affirmation, living, development and promotion of a state within international relations. Thus, the borders should totally ascertain the sanctuary, the hearth of the formation of the peoples in history. In reality, borders are a given thing of history, more precisely a gift”, a sign of the goodwill of the Great Powers for the designation of the territories of the world states. The territory of a state can always be the object of the claims of neighbours or distant states, international actors who have the necessary power. Territorial claims against states are permanent, but the activation and implementation of the annexation phenomena are possible in international contexts favourable to the aggressor, when the target state has a modest potential to counteract a possible aggression or is isolated. Romania was the object of such a suite of territorial annexations in 1940 and the following period.







International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy