Priorities of Building the Blue Economy in the European Union and Worldwide


  • Emanuel-Stefan Marinescu
  • Viorel-Catalin Mihalcea „CAROL I” National Defence University
  • Gabriela-Elena Sirbu „CAROL I” National Defence University


blue economy, sustainability, enduring development, natural resources, competitive market, ecosystem flows, bio-economic strategy, standards, ecosystems, companies management


The development of the humankind needs viable models. Past industrial models, being high consumers of multiple energy consuming and polluting materials, must be considered as outdated and urgently replaced. The current stage, according to which the humankind has plundered the Planet of viable resources, has long exceeded the capacity of self-regeneration of resources and filled it with waste, since it is deeply detrimental, must be urgently eliminated from productive practice. The vision, involvement and strategy in terms of building the blue economy must be accepted as the only way for the progress and existence of future human civilisation. The blue economy must be considered as the integrative vision that proposes the generation at the level of the whole society of the models taken from the natural cycle. As a result, only cascading, non-polluting production models should be promoted in the future, with the in-kind absorption of by-products released from the production process, thus preserving the possibilities of the natural environment. Undoubtedly, the European Union is at the vanguard of the competition to generate robust bio-economic strategies for the future. It must be acknowledged that there is a need for an intense European effort in promoting, implementing bio-economic action plans in an extended format, imposing constructive links with all states worldwide. Blue strategies for future development must not take into account borders.






Performance and Risks in the European Economy