Analyzing Surface Roughness of an Auto-Truck Cylinder after Several Running Hours


  • Daniela Voicu Dunarea de jos University of Galati
  • Ramona Monica Stoica Military Technical University “Ferdinand I”
  • Radu Vilau Military Technical University “Ferdinand I”


roughness; cylindrical surface; functioning cycles


Present paper aims to present the measuring process and results regarding roughness of the inner surface of a truck cylinder, according to standard (STAS 6635-87). To that purpose, it was used a Surtronic S-Series roughness tester, with a stylus able to measure within the range 400 µm. According to the before-mentioned standard, there were performed 4 measurements on the same circular line, each one shifted by 90 degrees to the previous. The process was repeated on eight functional areas characteristic to the cylinder (entire length was divided into eight equal parts).

With the use of measured values it was possible to analyze whether the cylinder's inner surface had proper roughness according to specific standards, even after several functioning cycles.

Author Biographies

Daniela Voicu, Dunarea de jos University of Galati

Eng. PhD

Ramona Monica Stoica, Military Technical University “Ferdinand I”

Eng. PhD

Radu Vilau, Military Technical University “Ferdinand I”

Eng. PhD


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