Experimental Plotting of Static Characteristics of Rotary Hydraulic Pumps


  • Daniela Voicu Dunarea de jos University of Galati
  • Radu Vilau Military Technical Academy "Ferdinand I"
  • Ramona Monica Stoica Military Technical Academy "Ferdinand I"


hydraulic pump; hydraulic cylinder; static characteristic; flow; speed


Present paper presents the experimental plotting of static characteristics such as flow-pressure and flow-speed-pressure in case of rotary hydraulic pumps. Theoretically, a hydraulic pump with constant flow can work up to nominal pressure without influencing the flow, regardless of the load. În practice, based on pumps’ specific design, due to internal leakage around sealing elements, real characteristic is different from the theoretical one, which is why it arises the need to plot both experimental characteristics. To plot these graphs it will be used a specialized test bench consisting in: a hydraulic pump with constant flow, a hydraulic valve, pressure gauge or pressure sensors for measuring the pressure within the hydraulic circuit, and a  double acting cylinder with a load at one end to simulate it within the circuit or a non-load cylinder but with throttle valve. Results from experimental research will be subsequently used to validate the research by simulation because plotting the two static characteristics of hydraulic pumps can also be made by developing a hydraulic model within modelling-simuation softwares such as FluidSim.

Author Biographies

Daniela Voicu, Dunarea de jos University of Galati

Eng. PhD

Radu Vilau, Military Technical Academy "Ferdinand I"

PhD Eng.

Ramona Monica Stoica, Military Technical Academy "Ferdinand I"

PhD Eng.






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