Euthanasia - Between Good Death and Christian Death


  • Nelu Gheorghita


euthanasia; medical assisted suicide;, mercy killing; right to life


The question of euthanasia has a complexevolution, generating debates in legal media. The fact that certain countries have authorized the use of such means to end someone's life has caused a dangerous void in the legal system. It consists of the danger to end the life of foreign citizens in those countries in which euthanasia is legal, although the native countries of those citizens incriminate such means. Conflicts rise, involving the law applicable in such cases.

There is no agreement in the worldon the problem of euthanasia and medical assisted suicide. Public debateson the opportunity of legal acceptance are only a “gold subject” for sociologists or a “hot one” for the journalists, but they are a real need in some countries. The whole experience in the world gives us no acceptable, simple and easy to apply solutions. Unfortunatelly, nowadays, or in the near future we can notexpectfor a unitary point of view in the field of euthanasia.






Legal Sciences in the New Millennium