Strategic Thinking, Strategies and Power in Contemporary Society


  • Nicolae Florin Prunau Danubius University of Galati


planning; knowledge; innovation; business environment


Strategy, as a reflection in a more or less military context, has been and remains a permanent feature of human experience both historically and today. At the level of people, we draw a lot of strategies, in various contexts, because we do not have certainties about the future, we must have a cautious attitude, imagine scenarios regarding the unfolding of facts, processes, events, etc. We build strategies because our human condition demands / imposes this for individuals, groups of people, organizations of various types and countries / nations.

The strategy is an overview of what an organization or individual wants to achieve, along with a set of goals to make it possible, but it is not the details of the plans by which the goals are implemented. At the same time, the strategy is how nations, states, leaders and elites seek to shape their advantageous position at a given time, following the context that ensures their security and protects their interests.






International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy