Psychological, Legal and Organizational Perspectives on Mobbing as a Specific Phenomenon of Discrimination


  • Doinita Popa


discrimination; harassment; mobbing; bullying; employment


The article aims at an analysis of the concept of mobbing from a legal, psychological, organizational perspective, as a phenomenon of discrimination at work, which has entered the social study relatively recently. Mobbing has been studied in some European countries such as the Nordic countries, England, France, Italy, Spain since the 1990s, and mainly refers to actions of intense psychological pressure, carried out on an employee to make him leave the job, in the conditions in which his dismissal would bring legislative problems on the employer. The employee who "must" be removed can thus endure in the long run a series of injustices and humiliations meant to bring him to the point where he will leave the job alone. In Romania, although the phenomenon exists, there has not been a public discussion on it so far, but there are legislative provisions related to European legislation, as well as concerns about the implementation of European projects in this regard.

Author Biography

Doinita Popa

Associate professor Phd






New Trends in Psychology