Curricular Design of the Mathematics Lesson in Kindergarten


  • Florica Rotaru
  • Delia Mioara Popescu University Valahia of Targoviste


curriculum; activity design; mathematics; preschool education; contents


Program  of activities in kindergarten offers the freedom of teachers to choose their activities, to teach and to work in the field. The activity with the people must take place in a special atmosphere where the people can express themselves, think and act according to the situation. With the help of the case study, the body enters into the unknown, into the adventure of discovering our knowledge, and it is very active. Acting alongside the others in the group, he tried to solve the problems and felt that he was an important, caring decision-maker in making good decisions. In the group of those who should know how to discover, buy, classify the acquired knowledge. We chose this topic because the time and importance we give to didactic design will bring us closer to a successful lesson, didactic design being understood by anticipating the results of a didactic activity. I chose the mathematical activities because I consider that they have a very important role because they stimulate the intellectual development the most, the children's memory is also intensely trained because they have to retain, preserve and consciously reproduce some acquired knowledge, to memorize the rules of a didactic or logical game. In other words, the child develops work skills, skills to solve certain problem situations in various contexts. These skills become useful in their practical activity and can influence him in attitude and social plan, becoming aware of his own thinking.


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