The Value of Outdoor Physical Therapy Exercises


  • Camelia Panfiloiu Danubius University of Galati


Sport; Motion; Sedentariness; Health


There was never in our history so much need of motion, exercises and physical therapy, taking in fact that we live in an era of social and political renewal, technical and scientifical revolution and the jobs that we have are very exhausting.

Even if it seems paradoxical that lately there were made the best sport records, the health of many people is being affected because of the lack of motion, that on the other side, beside malnutrition brings the obesity which is another danger.

            It may be that the human of our days feels more than ever the need to practice physical therapy exercises organized so it can compensate the negative influence of sedentariness, overuse and overeating. 

            Due to pandemic situation that we are living this paper reveal that the outdoor physical therapy exercises are more important than never. The lack of oxygen caused by the facial mask which is used almost all day by people and the sedentariness can be recovered better doing outdoor physical therapy exercises.

            The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of outdoor physical therapy exercises in day to day life and to present why practicing outdoor exercises is much better rather going to a fitness studio.






Sports Governance. Modern Methods and Practices