Theoretical Principles in the Translation of Pharmaceutical Texts


  • Ana Maria Mangher (Chitac) Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi


pharmaceutical translation; standards of textuality; Patient Information Leaflet; specialized translation; medical discourse


This study approaches the translation of the Patient Information Leaflet as a sub-genre of the Pharmaceutical genre. Its aim is to synthesise some of the most significant theoretical insights that will help us understand the function of the elements and the structure of the source text, and, on the basis of these findings we will choose our translation strategies according to the translation purpose. We will start from text - linguistic foundations, introducing De Beaugrande and Dressler as well as Neubert’s ”text-centered notions”of textuality, and we will investigate the way in which we could use these principles in the translation of pharmaceutical texts. Newbert’s view is seminal in this respect: he  is the one to introduce to translation studies the concept of textuality and its determining factors, as well as the crucial issues of text-types and genres in comparing source texts to target texts.

Author Biography

Ana Maria Mangher (Chitac), Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Doctoral Student, Doctoral School of Philological Studies






Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science