A Sociological Approach to Drug Use


  • Angela-Mihaela Ene Danubius University of Galati


drugs; addiction; consumption; trafficking


Lately, the illicit drug market in Romania has shown a continuous dynamics, registering an increase both in the availability of most types of drugs consumed and in the total amount of drugs confiscated, especially cocaine and cannabis. The availability of drugs on the market, including new psychoactive substances, the mild sanctions provided by the specific legislation in the field favour the phenomenon of illicit drug trafficking and consumption. The globalization process has also led to the formation and development of criminal groups responsible for expanding the phenomenon of drug trafficking at European level, thus creating in Romania a multitude of opportunities for the development of illicit drug trafficking and for the intensification of some cross-border criminal groups.

Even if the initial impact of drug use occurs at the level of individuals involved in the consumption, the increase in the number of users as well as affecting their health, make this issue a concern of society as a whole. In addition, the contagious nature of drug use is a major argument for society as a whole, which is why the latter must be held accountable and, through the social actors with responsibilities in the field of preventing and combating trafficking and illicit drug use, to proactivelyintervene in order to reduce and combat this social phenomenon.






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