Identification of Ways and Means Favorable to the Application of the Decentralization Process at Local and County Level


  • Georgeta Modiga Danubius University of Galati
  • Gabriel Ioan Avramescu


decentralisation; local public administration; welfare; local public finances; financial autonomy; productivity; public goods


Local public administration from all European countries has as one of the most important principle
the decentralisation mentioned by the fundamental law, sometimes. The researchers in local finances and local
governments have defined this principle with different words. The aim of all local governments is the same: to
rise local autonomy that implicates financial autonomy combined with good management based on productivity
of public goods which allowed welfare of local public administration. Oates wrote the theorem of
decentralisation that represents an important point of view applied in many countries in present with impact in
the welfare of the local entities.

Author Biographies

Georgeta Modiga, Danubius University of Galati

Professor, PhD

Gabriel Ioan Avramescu

Economist, PhD in progress


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